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Main Window

In this option the main window of the program is described, as well as its main principles and some helpful advice.

The main window is used for displaying the current information about the state of backups (log area), for displaying a list of groups and backups, icons of fast access to main options and, of course, the main menu of the program.

Microangelo Explorer

In the left part of the screen a tree-list of groups and backups is located. "Groups" is a system group and cannot be deleted.

A group is a set of backups logically united according to some criteria. More detailed information see in the Work with group section.

On the right, from the list of groups a list of backups is located. When moving along the list of groups the list of backups displays backups belonging to the selected group only.

Tips: If "Groups" is chosen AlmerBackup will display all the backups.

Tips: To remove a backup from one group into another, drag the icon of the backup onto the necessary group.

The list of backups displays the most important information about backups: a state of a backup (active/inactive: for more information see Step 1 - General), a name of a backup, destination folder and a method of work for each backup.

Information about the current state of AlmerBackup is located in the bottom part of the main window. This is a log-area where all of the actions of AlmerBackup are displayed (beginning of copying, its completion, the state of completion). A status bar including two items, i.e. quantity of backups in a queue and a name of a backup, which is made at that time, is located there as well. If no backup is made at that time, the name of backup, which is made, is "None".