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Step 4 - Setting of additional options

Depending on the method of work this page contains different options.

If you choose one of the modes of "Backup mode" the following options will be displayed:

"File create mode" controls the method of creating of files. If you choose "Incremental Backup" AlmerBackup will compare files in the source and destination directories and will copy those that were changed only. This helps to speed up reserve copying. If you choose "Full backup", AlmerBackup will copy all the files without any comparison.

"Options" contains common installations. "Stop at error" stops the backup when an error takes place. "Split files (only on removable media)" allows you to divide big files when they are copied onto a removable media (e.g., copying a 2MB file onto 1.44MB diskettes).

"Enable revisions" Revisions are the previous copies of files, intended for observing the history of changing files. If this method is customized, AlmerBackup will create revisions in different ways depending on whether the archive is used or not. When copying files and folders into the archive AlmerBackup will create revisions of archives (i.e. files with *.zip extension). When copying without archiving AlmerBackup will separately create revisions for each file copied.

You can set such parameters as "Revision file name" (the name of revisions is made by adding of the AB_, $AB_ or _AB_ prefixes to the source name of the file), quantity of copies of revisions and the "hidden" attribute to the revision files.

If you choose "Synchronization mode" the following options are available:

Setting of delay time ("Delay time") the time during which AlmerBackup will wait at a changing of a file before rewriting it and a control of writing into the log-file when you set the "Write synchronization event to log" checkbox AlmerBackup will write the log as a common backup. If the checkbox is not marked, AlmerBackup will write the beginning and the ending of synchronization into the log.

If you choose "Backup mode", you can set starting conditions on the "When" page (see Step 5. Setting of starting conditions of a backup). If you choose "Synchronization mode", AlmerBackup will begin synchronization of folders just after creation of a backup (if the "Active backup" option is on).