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Step 3 - Choosing of destination folder

On the "Where" page you can input the destination folder for reserve copying and if the "Simple copy" method is chosen the name of the archive file is necessary to execute archiving of data.

Choose the folder where reserve copying will be executed. You can input macro's, i.e. predetermined set of symbols which AlmerBackup will substitute the current value, in the name of the destination folder. AlmerBackup supports three macro's: Time (the #time## line), Date (the #date## line) and Date/Time (the #Date\Time## line). When these lines exist in the name of the destination folder AlmerBackup will substitute the current value of the system time, date or date and time.

In the "Options" bar you can set additional options for the destination folder. If the "Create destination folder" option is checked, AlmerBackup will automatically create the destination path. Without this information in the folder, if this option is not marked, AlmerBackup will execute a backup with an error.

There is also the "Limit free space" option. It is used to leave a certain quantity of space on the carrier where reserve copying is executed.

If it is necessary to archive data you should mark the "Backup to zip files" option, input the name of the file (e.g. "") and choose the compression ratio.

After you have chosen the destination folder it is necessary to set the additional options on the "How" page.

Step 4. Setting of additional options