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Step 2 - Choosing of source folders and files

On the "What" page a list of folders, which will be copied by AlmerBackup at the beginning of each backup is displayed at input and editing of a backup. The most important information is displayed here: "Source Folder", the "SubFolders" column, which shows whether to include subfolders in the backup (it has two meaning "Yes" and "No" correspondingly), and two columns which display masks for types of files included and excluded.

To add a new folder in the backup you should click the "Add folder" button. A dialog window "Select source folder" will appear where you can input all the necessary information about a new source folder.

The "Edit Folder" and "Delete Folder" buttons are used for editing and deleting of the existing source folder.

To check what files AlmerBackup will copy you can use the "Show files" button. When you click the button a dialog window will appear where all the files chosen out of all the source directories will be displayed.

After you have chosen information that will be copied, it is necessary to define where the information will be copied to.

Step 3 Choosing of destination folder