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F.A.Q. of AlmerBackup v 2.7

Q: Where can I get technical support or find a new version of the F.A.Q.?

A: On our site you will always find news about AlmerBackup, and a new version of the F.A.Q. You can also ask any question at any time using our online form.

Q: I want to remove a backup from one group into another. How can I do this ?

A: It is easy to do using Drag'n'Drop. Drag the icon of the appropriate backup onto the icon of the group which you want to place the selected backup and answer the question about moving it with a YES.

Q: What does the "Folder in Destination Path" customization mean when a new directory is added ?

A: This option is used when reserve copying without archiving is chosen. You can set a relative path for each directory. For example, if you want to copy 2 directories "C:\Data1" and "C:\Data2" into the directory "D:\Backup" and if you want them to be placed in "D:\Backup\Data1" and "D:\Backup\Data2" correspondingly, you should create a backup, choose "D:\Backup" as a destination folder and for each initial directory set the "Folder in Destination Path" option into "Data1" and "Data2" correspondingly.

Q: What does "Active Backup" mean ?

A: This option is intended for temporarily disconnecting the beginning of a backup. If you set a backup using the inactive method, start on time or synchronization will not be executed.

Q: What is a revision and what is it for ?

A: Revisions are the previous copies of files, intended for observing the history of the changing of files. If this method is customized, AlmerBackup will create revisions in different ways depending on whether the archive is used or not. When copying files and folders into the archive AlmerBackup will create revisions of archives (i.e. files with *.zip extension). When copying without archiving AlmerBackup will separately create revisions for each file copied.

Q: I have set the " Synchronization Mode " option into a zip-archive but the archive is not made. Why?

A: " Synchronization Mode " is a method of immediate copying of files when they are changed. This method provides copying without archiving in another directory.

Q: I use AlmerBackup with Windows 2000 and suddenly all the customizations disappeared. What is wrong?

A: AlmerBackup has individual customizations for each user according to the policy of division of the user's data in multi-user programs. If you want to backup some catalogs for each user, you should set the customizations of AlmerBackup for each user individually.